Music Cities Conversations

Video Call Series

A new series of discussions with music cities professionals from around the globe, Music Cities Conversations will analyse the role of music in our lives and society, as well ways explore topics such as resilience, cultural governance, policy-making and creativity in relation to the challenges the world is facing today.

In a time when in-person meetings have become a no-go, join Shain Shapiro, Founder & CEO of Sound Diplomacy, Camila Anino, Marketing and Sponsorship Manager at Music Cities Events, and their guests for these virtual conversations which will present insights, best practice and ideas to defend the music industry, as well as to provide cities with opportunities to use music as a tool to react.

Latest Episodes

New episode coming on 3 June 2020

Episode 15 - Music & Covid-19: Mental Health & Wellbeing for Music Industry Professionals

Tamsin Embleton used to work in the music industry as a venue and festival booker and is now a specialised psychotherapist working with musicians and music industry professionals. In her conversation with Shain, Tamsin highlights the different ways in which musicians have been affected by Covid-19 and shares some useful tips to get through these tough times. 

Head here to download her “Guide to Anxiety Relief & Self Isolation”


“I would encourage people to think about how they can apply their skill sets to other work within the industry or even outside of it”.
Tamsin Embleton, Founder, Music Industry Therapists and Coaches (UK)

The Playlist

In each episode of Music Cities Conversations, we’ll ask our guests and team to share what songs or records they’ve been listening to.

The idea is to put together an incredible playlist to keep us company and bring us together while we’re forced apart.

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