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Huntsville Music Cities Convention Announces Its First Round Of Speakers

The Huntsville Music Cities Convention is thrilled to announce the first round of speakers who will be joining the three-day event, taking place from October 18-20, 2023 at the prestigious Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Hosted in "Alabama’s First Music City", the convention aims to bring together music industry professionals, city leaders, urban planners, and music enthusiasts to explore the vital role of music in building vibrant music ecosystems within cities. This event follows the publication of the Huntsville Music Audit and Strategy, which aims to create a more dynamic music environment, from education to creation, production, and performance, in a way that strengthens Huntsville’s growing economy.

The first round of confirmed speakers is an impressive array of professionals, including concert venue directors, founders of music and arts festivals, music researchers, public officials from the creative economy, and music and health specialists, among many more.

  • Andrew Hall, Founder, HOODOO Mural Festival (TX, USA)

  • Ami Spishock, Owner/Founder, Fort William Artist Management (LA, USA)

  • Claudiu Sulea, Vice-President, Group Of The European Youth For Change (ROM)

  • Codie Gopher, Cultural Creator, Meridian Media (AL, USA)

  • Garry Neil, President, Neil Craig Associates & UNESCO Consultant (CAN)

  • Jessica Crum, CEO, Silverlake Design Studio (AR, USA)

  • Joy Allen, Chair/Director, Music Therapy, Music And Health Institute Berklee College Of Music (MA, USA)

  • Rick Bradshaw, Executive Producer, Impresario Productions LLC (AL, USA)

  • Ryan Murphy, Managing Director, TVG Hospitality (AL, USA)

  • Salla Virman, Senior Policy Officer, Culture, West Midlands Combined Authority (GBR)

Attendees can find out more about these speakers on the event's official website:

The Huntsville Music Cities Convention is a platform for attendees to engage in thought-provoking discussions, network with industry professionals, and gain insights into best practices for nurturing thriving music scenes. The convention will feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshops, live music events, the awards ceremony of the Music Cities Awards, and many networking opportunities.

Registrations for the Huntsville Music Cities Convention are now open, with a special Early Bird Price available throughout June. Secure your tickets at:

For media inquiries, interview requests, or press passes, please contact:

Pablo Borchi Klapp

Events Coordinator

Music Cities Events

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