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Partners & Sponsors

Becoming a Partner and/or Sponsor

Becoming a Partner or Sponsor of Music Cities Events is a great way of establishing your city as a frontrunner in supporting the use of music to create vibrant cities and positioning it as a music destination

It is also an efective way to reach the extensive global network of decision-makers that gather and gravitate around all of the events and projects undertaken by Music Cities Events.

Hosting Events Around the Globe

Over the past 8+ years, at Music Cities Events we've been organising events all around world focused on exploring the use and importance of music in city development, showcasing best practices in how music helps shape vibrant cities.

Our brand events include the Music Cities Convention & Forum, the Music Tourism Convention & Forum, and Sound Development.

Our first event took place in 2015, when we hosted the Music Cities Convention in Brighton, UK, as part of The Great Escape Festival.


Ever since, we've hosted 11 editions of the Music Cities Convention, 4 editions of the Music Cities Forum, 5 editions of the Music Tourism Convention, 1 edition of the Music Tourism Forum and 9 editions of Sound Development.


These events have taken place in cities such as Brighton, Washington, Berlin, Memphis, Melbourne, Lafayette, Chengdu, London, Seoul, Alberta, Cleveland, Tulsa, Seoul, Düsseldorf and more.


You can explore the topics, audience and details of our past events at the Past Events Reports section of our website.

Past Partners & Sponsors


Benefits of Becoming a Sponsor

  • Reaching our extensive global network of decision-makers as we craft a strategic plan tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Forming valuable partnerships with renowned music tour organisers, both nationally and internationally.

  • Attracting investment, businesses, and tourism to your destination, thanks to the powerful appeal of music.

  • Creating strategic alliances with music industry organisations for exciting special projects.

  • Establishing your destination as a frontrunner in supporting the music industry, not just locally, but also on a regional, continental, and global scale.

  • And more!

Our Media Impact in 2022

  • 125,000 web page views

  • 1.2 million in social media reach

  • 30,000+ global decision makers in our network

  • 700 million+ media impressions

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