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We organise the biggest international conferences on the topic of music cities, music policy and music tourism. We produce the leading international awards ceremony on music cities - the Music Cities Awards, and we run the Music Cities Community, the first-ever platform for professionals in all industries using music to create more value in towns, cities & places.

Upcoming events


Our Event Brands

In everything we do, we aim to educate on the value of music, and showcase the best uses of music by individuals, organisations and cities all over the world. Our event brands are:

The Music Cities Convention is the biggest global event exploring the use and importance of music in the development of cities all around the world. The event provides a stage for the latest best practice to be presented and problems debated by thought leaders from the worlds of city planning, music, economic development, tourism, academia, events, property, non-profit and private/public bodies.

The Music Tourism Convention is the world’s most extensive conference bringing together the music and tourism sectors to explore how music impacts, benefits and improves tourism offers, branding, partnership development and economic development.

The Music Cities Awards is a global competition designed to acknowledge and reward the most outstanding applications of music for economic, social, environmental and cultural development in cities and places all around the world.

Sound Development explores the issues and opportunities between music and real estate. There have been nine editions so far, welcoming 1000+ delegates from planners and architects, to artists and music industry professionals.

The Music Cities Forum is a smaller city/state/region focused version of our global Music Cities Convention. The event looks more regionally at best practices on the use of music – and all its variants – to improve city life, bringing together experts and industry professionals to explore the role and impact of music across education, economic development, health, community building, placemaking, tourism, future cities and more.

The Music Tourism Forum is a smaller city/state/region focused version of our global Music Tourism Convention. The event looks more regionally at music's role in destination branding, tourism, attracting investment, developing communities and economic development.

Recent events

Music Cities Conference in Huntsville, USA, 2023


On 18 - 20 October, 2023 Music Cities Convention travelled to Huntsville, Alabama, USA for its 12th global edition.​ The three-day event followed the publication of the Huntsville Music Audit and Strategy that aimed at creating a more dynamic music environment, from education to creation, production and performance, in a way that strengthened Huntsville’s growing economy.

Music Tourism Convention, Cleveland, MS, USA, 2023

On April 11-14 2023, Music Cities Events in partnership with Visit Mississippi, Visit Cleveland Mississippi, GRAMMY Museum Mississippi, Mississippi Delta National Heritage Area and Delta State University were proud to present the 5th Global and 2nd U.S. edition of the Music Tourism Convention, featuring four days of talks, presentations, live music, networking opportunities and a full-day music tour..

Music Cities Conference in Tulsa, OK, USA, 2022


Held on November 2-5 across several iconic music places across Tulsa, the event included 80+ speakers and 450+ registered delegates that attended from 90 cities in 13 countries and 4 continents.

Music Tourism Forum, Düsseldorf, Germany, 2022


On 9-10 November 2022, the first ever Music Tourism Forum was hosted in Düsseldorf, Germany in partnership with urbanana. The conference took place over two days and was focused on ‘harnessing the sound of your city’. The event welcomed 20+ expert national and international speakers, hosting numerous panel discussions, presentations and interactive idea generation sessions, and was live streamed worldwide


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