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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our commitment

Music Cities Events as part of Sound Diplomacy is an official partner with the UN and is dedicated to developing and enhancing socially responsible practices and to reducing the environmental impact of our global events.

We are committed to the achievement of the 17 Global Goals set by the United Nations and are actively working towards their implementation.


Music Cities Events

Our guidelines

Music Cities Events is an official partner and signatory of Keychange’s international initiative empowering women to transform the future of music. 

Our conference programmes are gender balanced, with us striving for equal representation of men and women at each event, and as part of Keychange we pledge to have a 50:50 gender balance by 2022.

MCE guidelines

Our events promote, support and raise awareness on the use of music for sustainable placemaking and contribute to the creation of safe and inclusive music spaces and night time economies for cities around the world.

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All provided catering supplies are made of reusable materials. We have removed all single-use plastic and whenever single-use material is absolutely necessary we use biodegradable materials.

Preference is given to seasonal, organic and locally sourced food, and caterers with leftover food donation plans. 

Our events always feature vegetarian and vegan options and we’re working towards making our events completely meat-free.

The creation of promotional material and gadgets is kept to a minimum and eco-friendly and/or recycled materials are always preferred.

We are committed to keeping the number of flights to a minimum, prioritising the use of more sustainable means of transportation for all speakers and staff members travelling to our events. When flying is the only option available, carbon emissions are offset through certified international carbon reduction projects. 

All the selected accommodation options, such as hotels for speakers, staff and general delegates have implemented sustainable practices, including but not limited to water and energy conservation, recycling and waste reduction.

We aim to only use venues with energy efficiency plans and which have waste collection and recycling systems in place.


Sound Diplomacy and Music Cities Events are partners of the UN, having signed an agreement with them to commit ourselves officially to the SDGs, across our business practices. 

All our events feature sessions establishing and sharing best practices for using music to support the SDGs.


Keychange & Music Cities Events

Our support for women & gender minorities 

Music Cities Events is an official partner and signatory of Keychange’s international initiative empowering women to transform the future of music.

We support their programme focused on developing underrepresented talent, their gender balance pledge for music organizations as well as their Manifesto.


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