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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia will be the host of a global festival of music cities in December 2024, with both the Music Cities Convention & Music Cities Awards to be hosted in the city and attended by high-level regional & international delegates from all around the world.

Be part of the Music Cities Convention and experience:

  • 2x full days of multi-stage programming

  • Global experts and business & city leaders from 30+ countries speaking​

  • Showcase & intro to the MENA music industry

  • VIP experience for internationals with sight-seeing, exclusive events and tailored networking

  • Live music showcases & receptions

  • Music Cities Awards Ceremony

As a part of the Vision 2030 initiative and its pursuit of cultural diversification, in recent years Saudi Arabia has taken strong steps towards revolutionising its music landscape.


Hosting the Music Cities Convention & Music Cities Awards is another important step in this direction. This event will help drive music policy knowledge and awareness in the region and consolidate Saudi Arabia's mission to build a resilient national music ecosystem from the ground up.

Pre-register to receive the first announcements about the event, and to enter a draw to win one of 100x free tickets, plus support to attend.


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