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Music Cities Community Launched!

Updated: May 19, 2020

A new global platform for professionals in all industries using music to create more value in towns, cities & places.

We at Music Cities Events had been working on the idea to launch a member community since 2019. The plan was to work on it further for an Autumn 2020 launch, although with the current unprecedented crisis disrupting our global conference schedule and providing us with some short-term headaches, we decided to use the time as an opportunity to accelerate our work on the Community and to bring the launch forward.

The idea was and is to provide a platform for all the professionals in the world focused on how they can use music to improve their town or city. That could be anyone in any industry that understands or wants to explore the importance of music and its ability to be used to solve problems in cities that range from the quality of life for & health of citizens, city regeneration, employment prospects, attractiveness and branding of a place etc.

This focus is still key, although it now comes with the tint of Covid-19 and how we can solve its various impacts on our industries. We’re aiming high and we’re striving for this platform to become an invaluable tool for professionals around the world, because now more than ever we need to be sharing with and learning from others globally.

Subscribers to the Community will receive benefits that range from:

  • Access to the global member directory and member forum

  • Access to videos from all past and future in-person Music Cities Events conferences

  • Access to curated members-only live online discussions and networking sessions

  • Access to the latest thinking around Music & Covid-19 & all other current & future music cities topics

  • Discounts on future events

  • Curated one-on-one mentoring sessions

We at Music Cities Events just like many other organisations around the world have been hit financially by Covid-19, so we understand however that it’s a difficult time for a lot of individuals, organisations and cities. We’re therefore offering the first month for free for everyone, and the first 3-months for free for musicians that play music as their main job, music venue staff and others that can’t currently afford to pay to subscribe because of Covid-19 and who reach out to us.

We will also donate 25% of all revenues generated up until the end of 2020 to organisations directly supporting struggling musicians and small music companies.

Join the global discussion now, head here for more info on the plans and benefits.

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