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This competition is an amazing catalogue that gathers examples of how people use music across the world to drive tourism, improve health, help the youth, transform old buildings into cultural hubs and much more.

Music Cities Events is pleased to announce SAXONY. STATE OF THE ART as the main sponsor for this year’s Music Cities Awards, an annual competition designed to acknowledge and reward the most outstanding applications of music for economic, social, environmental and cultural development in cities and places all around the world.

Saxony, Germany, is a unique cultural destination and a thriving land of music. Besides being the birthplace of very useful inventions (the bra, the coffee filter, Audi cars and even mouthwash) this region is home to some of the most influential musicians and orchestras from around the world. Their commitment to promoting the arts and music in the region is outstanding and aligns perfectly with the values of the Music Cities Awards.

Saxony is the birth-or workplace of famous classical music composers like Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Wagner, Felix Mendelssohn, or Robert and Clara Schumann. It is also the home of one of the oldest orchestras in the world (475 years old!), the Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden or Saxon State Orchestra, as well as Leipzig’s more than 800 years old St. Thomas Boys' Choir (which Bach directed for many years). This region is the host to many music festivals including the Bach Festival Leipzig, Dresden Music Festival, and the Moritzburg Festival. There are famous venues like the Semper Opera House in Dresden or the Gewandhaus in Leipzig. All instruments needed for an orchestra are produced in Saxony’s Vogtland region, and there are also many music-related museums, making Saxony an ideal destination for all kinds of music lovers.

The Music Cities Awards, presented by SAXONY. STATE OF THE ART, is a great place to find lots of examples of people using music in new ways to improve their cities, and to join its community of like-minded professionals. This competition is currently accepting applications for 11 categories:

  1. Best Global Music City

  2. Best Initiative to Support Diversity & Inclusion in Music

  3. Best Initiative to Support Music Education & Career Development

  4. Best Music Tourism Initiative

  5. Best Initiative Using Music to Improve Health & Wellbeing

  6. Best Initiative Using Music to Support Environmental Sustainability

  7. Best Initiative Using Music for Economic, Social or Community Development in Cities

  8. Best Night Time Economy Initiative

  9. Best Use of Music in Real Estate or City Planning

  10. Best Organisation or Individual Supporting Music in their City

  11. Best Digital Innovation to Support Musicians or Music in Cities

The Jury of the competition is an inclusive global mix of music cities professionals; from economic development managers, educators, creative industry executives to leading diversity professionals.

  • Daniel Pak, Executive Director, Totem Star (USA)

  • Fabiola Figueroa Cárdenas, Institutional Alliances and Partnerships, Corriente I International Music Market (PER)

  • Hasan Hujairi, Music Department Manager, Sharjah Art Foundation (ARE)

  • Marcus Harris - Noble, Creative Industries and Culture Project Manager, Croydon Council (GBR)

  • Montserrat López Gutiérrez, Head of Creative Economy, Jalisco State Ministry of Culture (MEX)

  • Piyapong Muenprasertdee, Director of Educational, Governmental and Overseas Partnerships, Fungjai Co. Ltd. (THA)

  • Priyanka Dewan, Director/Founder, Gig Life Pro Pte. Ltd. (SHP)

  • Thomas Heher, Festival Director, Waves Vienna (AUT)

Past award winners include Auckland City of Music, Warner Global DEI Institute, DGTL Festival, Visit Clarksdale, Bach by Bike, Musicon Sekretariater of the Roskilde Municipality, Curbside Concerts and many more.

The award ceremony will take place on October 18th, 2023 as part of the Huntsville Music Cities Convention, which will be held at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville Alabama.

If you’re working on a music related project that is having a positive impact on your community, then we invite you to draw inspiration from the great musical energy going on in SAXONY. STATE OF THE ART and apply for any of the 11 categories of the Music CIties Awards.

Find more about the competition and submit your project at

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