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Welcome to Huntsville! Alabama's first Music City!

Meet Huntsville, the first Music City in Alabama! Known as Rocket City and for being one of the best livable places in the whole of U.S.A., Huntsville is on a mission to propel itself to the forefront of the music universe.Huntsville has a unique, diverse, vibrant, an awesome, and inviting music ecosystem that contributes significantly to its local economy, is a vital part of local culture, employs thousands of people throughout the region and plays a leading role in the city's long-term strategy for smart growth.

Having understood the value music plays in our society, the city has been taking steps towards becoming an ideal music city for the past couple of years. As part of this process the city hired Sound Diplomacy to conduct an extensive music audit to assess the strengths and opportunities of Huntsville’s music economy in 2018. Based on the report's recommendations, the city installed its first Music Officer in 2022. Additionally, it concluded the construction of the Orion Amphitheatre, an 8,000 people capacity venue that will help position the city as a touring stop for bigger artists and to anchor Huntsville as one of the unmissable stops of the Americana Music triangle.

These efforts are helping to strengthen an already thriving music ecosystem full of innovative and inspiring projects such as Blast, a music streaming platform focused on promoting Huntsville and North Alabama artists, the Alabama School for the Blind Marching Band, an ensemble which is as cool as it sounds and Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation, a foundation that is bringing music to classrooms all across North Alabama, amongst many more.

If you want to learn more about how you can turn your city into an ideal music city and experience Huntsville's music ecosystem while connecting with like-minded music professionals from all around the world, then join us at the upcoming Huntsville Music Cities Convention from October 18-20, 2023. This event will also host the awards ceremony of this year's Music Cities Awards.

You can grab your tickets at a special Early Bird price until July 1st - just head here.

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