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What is it like to attend a Music Cities Convention?

Updated: Jan 18

What is it like to attend a Music Cities Convention?

What is it like to attend a Music Cities Convention?

"When you have the same goals, which is elevating the music scene, it's easy to make those connections". Stephanie Riley.

Stephanie Riley, Founder, B3 Creative Agency (USA) shares her experience taking her whole team to our recent Music Tourism Convention.

Some of the highlights of attending the Convention:

  • A great experience

  • Diversity of speakers, topics and expertise

  • It has helped her team expand what they know about music tourism

  • It has helped her team to do a better job for their clients

  • Met people from all corners of the world

Join us at the upcoming Huntsville Music Cities Convention, on October 18-20 in Huntsville, Alabama. Get your tickets at this link.

About B3 Creative Agency

B3 Creative Agency, is a team that is dedicated to transforming cities' music scenes into an electrifying and unforgettable experience.

Their mission is to pioneer the sound of cities and showcase their unique musical history and talent to the world. Through cutting-edge branding, marketing, and immersive experiences, they strive to make places a top destination for music lovers everywhere. They e believe that music has the power to unite and inspire, and we're committed to unleashing its full potential in communities.

B3 Creative Agency is also the organisation behind the "West Tennessee Artist Directory" a participant of this year's Music Cities Awards.

B3 Creative Agency

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