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12 More Speakers Announced for the Huntsville Music Cities Convention

Speakers Announced for Huntsville Music Cities Convention

Now that we're 1 month away from the Huntsville Music Cities Convention, 18-20 Oct, 2023, Huntsville, AL, we are ready to share with you 12 new confirmed speakers that will be joining the exciting lineup of the event.

These are an exciting mix of professionals that range from different kinds of music advocates, to specialists working at the intersection of music, sustainability and A.I., mixed use real estate developers, concert venue designers and much more.

Scroll down to get a preview of each of the profiles of these speakers and head to the Speakers page of the Huntsville Music Cities Convention to explore all of the organisations and projects that are being represented by the 30 speakers confirmed for the Convention.

Get your tickets for the Music Cities Convention and join these speakers on 18-20 Oct, 2023 in Huntsville!

David West - Studio Egret West

Mala Sharma Georgia Music Partners

Hasan Hujairi Sharjah Art Foundation

Karen Reece Utban Community Arts Network Madison Music City

Cesar Andion The Spanish Wave

Martin Elbourne Glastonbury Festival

Matt Mandrella Huntsville Music Officer

Molly Rawn - Experience Fayetteville

Norham Bayomi The Climate Machine

Rob Franklin Greater Madison Music City

Shireesh Sharma Music Tourism Visit Saxony

Joshua Arcurio - Orion Amphitheatre David M. Shwarza Architects

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