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When Sound Diplomacy was launched in 2013 and Music Cities Events hosted the first-ever Music Cities Convention in 2015, little did we know that at the dawn of the new decade, we’d be pinching ourselves realising how much traction the Music Cities Movement has gained.  It’s been inspiring, learning about the amazing work happening all over the world to make places better with music.  

The number of music festivals committed to social and environmental sustainability increases every year; the word ‘music’ is more and more present in destinations’ tourism strategies; cities are working hard to nurture young talents and provide safe and affordable space; the health benefits of being in contact with music have been scientifically proven; the rate of venue closures has been slowed and local music heritage is being protected and promoted.  Music is increasingly present in everyone’s lives, shaping current policy-making and the cities of tomorrow.

This is why we in the year of perfect vision, the year that marks Music Cities Events’ 5th and Sound Diplomacy’s 7th birthday, we had to do something special not only to acknowledge, celebrate and reward the most outstanding uses of music in cities, but also to demonstrate that music is the key to unlock cities’ potential and our own wellbeing. 

This is what lies behind our latest initiative, the Music Cities Awards, a global competition we encourage every organisation and professional from anywhere in the world to take part in.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make it as inclusive and equitable as possible.  We can’t wait to read about all the amazing projects we haven’t heard of just yet and find out the final winners. 

We’ve assembled an amazing Jury of a global mix of music cities professionals who will be choosing nominees and winners for 9 different categories, spanning small to large city initiatives, tourism, sustainability, music offices, real estate and the night time economy. You can learn more about the categories here.

Our 2020 Jury.

The 2020 winners will be announced on September 23rd at our upcoming Colorado Music Cities Convention: we’ll have a big party and celebrate music in all of its forms, so even if you’re not applying, come support your favourite project and meet global music cities experts. Music Cities Convention ticket holders can attend for free, but we’ll also be releasing a special Music Cities Awards Ceremony ticket.

Applications are already open, so click here and go show the world what you’ve got. 

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