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Jane Jacobs, Sesame Street And Music Mile: Building A City In A Fresh And Community Oriented Way

Jane Jacobs, Sesame Street And Music Mile

Back in 2022 the Alberta Music Cities Convention was the place where Rebecca O’ Brien, Executive Director, Inglewood BIA (Canada), delivered one of the most inspiring presentations on the ideas of Jane Jacobs for building a city in a fresh and community oriented way with music and creativity at its core. Ideas that have also been taken into practice by Sesame Street and the Music Mile in Calgary.

Scroll down and take 20 minutes of your day to dive into this incredible presentation that is full of takeaways that are great for understanding the role of music and creativity in building better cities.

“The more people present and active in street life, the safer the community will be”

“On the staircase all kinds of things happen - but music is an essential teaching tool”

“Sterile, vacant outdoor spaces serve nobody: MM activates spaces”

Do you want to keep learning and sharing about how we can use music to improve our cities? Then join us at the upcoming Huntsville Music Cities Convention, taking place on Oct 18-20, 2023, at Huntsville, Alabama, USA. Save $50 on your Early Bird tickets all throughout August.

Jane Jacobs, Sesame Street And Music Mile

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