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Kirklees Year of Music 2023 - Music Cities Forum

Kirklees Year of Music 2023 - Music Cities Forum

“A Community That Lives And Loves Music”

Kirklees Year of Music 2023

Music Cities Forum

Smile Bar and Venue, Huddersfield

November 14th, 2023

4pm - 9pm

As part of the Music Industry strand of Kirklees Year of Music 2023, the district will be hosting the Kirklees Music Cities Forum alongside Music Cities Events.

The Music Cities Forum is a smaller version of the Music Cities Convention, an event that looks regionally at best practices on the use of music to improve city life.

This event brings together experts and industry professionals to explore the role and impact of music across education, economic development, health, youth, environment, community building, placemaking, tourism, the future of the city and more.

The Kirklees Music Cities Forum will be taking place on November 14th, 2023, at Smile Bar and Venue in Huddersfield.

The evening will explore the theme “A Community That Lives And Loves Music”.

Its sessions will give an overview of the activities of the Music Industry programme for Year of Music, including hosting the Kirklees Music Ecosystem Network, the PLATFORM programme and more.

Afterwards, it will dive into different presentations, panel discussions and workshops focused on bringing the local music community together and giving it resources to advocate for a stronger local music ecosystem.

This event is directed to all members and advocates of the music and artistic ecosystem, as well as people working on projects related to economic development, public policy and community organisations.

The event sessions include:

  • Kirklees Year Of Music 2023 - A Vision For Change, a presentation on the activity as part of the KYOM23 Music Industry strand

  • Make It In Kirklees: What Can We Do To Make People Stay in Kirklees To Develop Their Music Careers?, a panel discussion on career development opportunities for local musicians.

  • Support Available, a presentation on funding opportunities for music projects by Help Musicians.

  • Being Small Is No Obstacle, a case study on building a small sized music region.

  • Using Music To Revitalise The Region: Affordability and Accessibility In The Music Ecosystem, a panel discussion on giving the region the infrastructure to become a thriving” music region”.

  • What Next?, a hands on workshop dedicated on exploring the future of the local music industry

  • Live Show by Fishing4Compliments

Full line up of speakers and performers will be revealed throughout September.

Access to all information related to this event and register for it at:

About the Kirklees Year of Music

Kirklees Year of Music in 2023, is a unique, place-based, cultural change programme initiated and led by Kirklees Council, part of the wider cultural offer in the region of West Yorkshire over the coming three years. 2023 is designated as a Year of Music for the district and, through investment in the district’s diverse music talent, communities and businesses, the year-long programme of events and projects, will strengthen the music ecology of Kirklees from its roots.

2023 is celebrating the richness and diversity of Kirklees music heritage, the music created and performed today, and the ambition for the future, inclusive of all music genres, all communities and in all forms.

Kirklees is a place where everyone can hear world class music through festivals and programming; where children and young people have access to high quality musical experiences and education; and where the next generation of musicians and music professionals can build and sustain a high-quality career, with access to the very best industry advice, career opportunities and performance routes.

Follow all activities of the Kirkless Year of Music 2023 at:

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