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MCE Receives EU Grant From MUSICAIRE

We are thrilled to announce that our project “A Capacity Building programme for a Thriving Music Ecosystem” in partnership with Sound Diplomacy has received a EU grant under MUSICAIRE. The theme for our project is ‘Just and resilient recovery’ and our hope is to be able to outline the role and impact of a healthy music city, and its contribution to socio-economic development, night economy, and tourism.

Our programme was also ranked #16 out of the 400+ applications that MUSICAIRE received from over 40 countries in Europe and beyond. We are excited to continue our journey of educating the world about Music Cities through this programme .

Watch this space for detailed information about the programme, participation rules and more. You can find our detailed abstract with more information on the programme content direction below. Congratulations to all other organisations that have been selected for funding through this call!

Programme Abstract

Music is an essential part of the EU and contributes over €25 billion to its revenue annually. When well integrated into a city, across policy, infrastructure, private sectors, tourism, transportation and all other aspects of city life, music boosts the city's economy. According to Music Moves Europe it has created more jobs for Europe than the film industry alone. Sound Diplomacy’s work has empowered 36+ European cities and 60+ cities worldwide to achieve their social, cultural and economic goals through music and the night time economy. The group organises global conventions on the topic of music cities, policy and tourism. It also produces an international awards ceremony on music cities, and runs the Music Cities Community platform. Our aim is to educate 54 diverse and carefully curated participants (2 from each EU member country) on the topic of music ecosystems through a capacity building programme. The programme will outline the role and impact of a healthy music city, and its contribution to socio-economic development, night economy, and tourism. It will explore policy’s role in building a music ecosystem while including relevant stakeholders in the process. Live digital lectures, workshops and discussions will take place, where case studies from music cities around the world will be examined among other activities detailed below. At the end of the programme, participants will demonstrate a strong understanding of the music cities concept and its greater impact. They will be able to identify relevant policies, take action and teach others about the key elements of successful initiatives. Participants will understand how music can be used to achieve the UN SDGs. The learning outcomes will also significantly impact the advancement of the Five Music Rights in the 27 member states. Our programme will build champions of resilient and just European music ecosystems and facilitate knowledge exchange across regions, cities and organisations.

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