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Explore the Schedule and Speakers of the Cape Breton Island Music Tourism Convention

Cape Breton Island Music Tourism Convention Speakers

We're thrilled to announce the first batch of speakers for the upcoming Cape Breton Island Music Tourism Convention, as well as the full schedule of panels and presentations that will be taking place at the event.

The lineup includes an amazing array of music professionals working at the intersection of music and tourism. Scroll down to learn about their projects, which range from leading successful hotel concert series to creating music experiences and maps for visitors, producing destination festivals, and more.

Join them alongside other 250 delegates at the Cape Breton Island Music Tourism Convention, May 29-31st, 2024.

Jade Turner (CAN), Country artist from Misipawistik Cree Nation, her sound captures the force of her community. Won Best Country Album at the Indigenous Music Awards.

Alex "Lahnsteiner" Härtel (DEU), supports bands on their professional journey, currently serving as Head of Marketing and PR at Silverdust GmbH, Germany's largest independent metal festival.

Natalie Wakabayashi (CAN), a marketing and communications professional responsible for promoting culture, arts, music, and leisure tourism in London, fostering innovation and community involvement.

Katie Fox (USA) builds and executes integrated marketing strategies that align with her social and environmental values. Her clients include very well known touring artists, bands and music festivals across the globe.

Bob Cyrynowski (CAN), a seasoned Canadian music industry veteran, successfully revived live concerts during the pandemic with Hotels Live, a unique entertainment concept that sold over 4,700 hotel rooms.

Morgan Toney (CAN), Mi’kmaq fiddler and singer who brings together the fiery fiddling of Cape Breton island with old songs and teachings while celebrating the language and heritage of the Mi’kmaw People.

Rhonda Head TCP (EVC) Head (CAN), a multi-award-winning Mezzo Soprano from Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Canada, writes lyrics in her Indigenous Cree language and composes melodies based on her home reserve's landscape.

Mathieu Grondin (CAN), Co-founder of MTL 24/24, a renowned DJ, freelance director, and editor with over two decades of experience in nightlife, collaborating with prestigious brands.

Catherine Swain (USA), Director of Marketing for North Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

Javi Puente (MEX), a renowned figure in the tourism industry, has been actively involved in various projects since his early years in Mexico. He has held influential positions and is recognized by Forbes Mexico.

Cape Breton Island Music Tourism Convention Schedule

Sonic Nomads

Beyond Beats

Echoes of Legends

Sonic Revival

Songs of Empowerment

Decolonising Rhythms

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