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Local Musician Free Ticket Programme for the Cape Breton Island Music Tourism Convention, May 29-31, 2024

Local Musician Free Ticket Programme

Are you a musician from Cape Breton Island? Then join us for free at the Cape Breton Island Music Tourism Convention, on May 29th-31st. Come and learn, discuss & network on all things related to music tourism.

Music Cities Events in partnership with Destination Cape Breton are announcing a programme so local artists from Cape Breton Island can take part in the upcoming Music Tourism Convention at no cost.

The Music Tourism Convention is the biggest music tourism conference in the world, which focuses on how cities can use music to promote themselves to visitors, attract investment while strengthening the local community and music scene.

During the event we’ll welcome 250 global music tourism experts, from tourism boards to tour operators, and media to festival organisers. The event will run over 3 days, with 2 days of talks, 3 evening events and a 3 day pre-convention music tour. Speakers include marketing directors of several music destinations, hotel chains, festival organisers, music museums, members of tourism boards, award-winning musicians and more.

To join the programme, all that musicians need to do is to fill out a simple form in which they share about their music profile and interest for attending the event.

Cape Breton Island Music Tourism Convention Speakers

Why should artists join the the Local Musician Free Ticket Programme for the Cape Breton Island Music Tourism Convention, May 29-31, 2024

Music tourism is a new frontier for the music industry. When planned and applied effectively, it represents an additional revenue stream and an innovative audience development tool for local music scenes and the extended creative ecosystem.

By attending the conference, local artists will have the opportunity to take part in discussions surrounding music museums, collaborating with local authorities, future of music tourism, environmental sustainability in music tourism, festivals as part of a tourism strategy  and more. Additionally, the event will include workshops focused on involving the local community and ensuring inclusivity while developing music tourism experiences. By taking part in the event and participating in the receptions, attendees will have the chance to learn about the best practices of music tourism from all around the globe.

For the last couple of years, Music Cities Events has been hosting a programme to provide complimentary passes to the local music community where it hosts its events. The results of this initiative have been very rewarding, having a significant impact in bringing the community together around music.

Here is an example of the experience of one of the participants of the Local Musician Free Ticket Programme at last year's Huntsville Music Cities Convention.

Testimonial - Local Musician Free Ticket Programme

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